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For comments, specific queries, suggestions, requests for research assistance, etc. I invite you to send me a message with this contact form.

I am always interested to buy photographs & slides of P-51 Mustangs, in particular of operational aircraft, i.e. in service with any air arm all over the world. For civil Mustangs and Warbirds, I prefer pictures taken pre-1980.

I am also interested in exchanging good quality colour slides of airworthy P-51's; I can offer mostly European based aircraft and am interested in examples from North America, Canada and Australia / New Zealand. Museum shots are also most welcome, especially from Latin America and Asia.

Swiss Mustangs would be happy to receive donations and/or sponsoring in order to help funding further developments of this website and some related research-projects.

Since I run this site alone, and from my own pocket, it is an expense that has been growing significantly for the last few months due to the continuous upgrading and expansion of this site.

All funds received will be used for the operation of this site and for related research-projects, as for example the Swiss Mustangs book ONLY.

I will appreciate any donations I get, but I will continue to run the site regardless. Anyone who donates will be listed on this site with a note of thanks from me (unless you prefer to stay anonymous.)

I am looking forward to receiving your mail.

The photographs that appear on this site are from many sources, most of them come from my own collection, some from various contributors. In case you recognize a photograph of yours which is wrongly credited (or not credited at all), please inform me accordingly and I will proceed immediately with appropriate changes or removal.

Downloading photographs or entire pages strictly for your personal use is okay - the use of contents & photographs for commercial purposes and publications without my prior consent definitely is not okay.

If you play fair, I'll play fair  -   if you play mean, I'll be after you !

Thank you.


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