This aircraft called Switzerland its home for many years. It was owned by Max Vogelsang and appeared regularly at airshows in Switzerland and neighbouring countires. By the end of 2004, this aircraft was sold to a new owner in the U.S.

The photos below were all kindly provided by and are © of Walther Nicolet

Double Trouble Two taxying at Buochs airfield, the home of the Swiss Air Force P-51 fleet during the years 1948 - 1958.

Fuselage centre section, port side.

Nose art detail, port side, of Double Trouble Two - the black & yellow checkers are the colors of the 353rd Fighter Group, flying from England during World War 2.

Nose art details, starboard side.

Nose art details, port side.

Data block, port side; this is an exact replication of the stencilling applied to wartime aircraft. The Project Number, however, differed between aircraft. The author of this website can provide details if necessary.

Canopy and wing details, starboard side.

Front view showing the Hamilton Standard HS 24D50-87 4-blade propeller.

Close-up of spinner and propeller cuffs.

Details of US Star on fuselage, port side.

Here's a brief history of this airframe and its previous identities / owners:

1947: 44-63507; RCAF 9554 assigned No. 442 City of Vancouver Squadron
1960: N6345T (James Defuria)
1960: (Aero Enterprises)
1963: (Harold Hacker)
1964: minor damage from crash - La Porte IN
1964: (Aero Enterprises, Hammonton Investment, John Dilley)
1965: (Gardner Flyers Inc.)
1968: major damage from crash in Brownwood TX
1978: rebuilt, adopted id of 44-72483
1982: N51EA (Don Davidson) "Double Trouble Two"
1990: (Max Vogelsang/Swiss Warbirds)
2004: Sold to the U.S. (Fighter Factory, Suffolk, VA)

And here are, for comparison purposes, two wartime photo of the original aircraft, P-51D-20-NA 44-63684 SX-B "Double Trouble Two" :

Pilots of the 353rd FG 352nd FS in front of "Double Trouble Two" after a successful mission.

Lt. Col. William B. Bailey with his groud-crew and "Double Trouble Two"

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