I am happy to show you below some details of a Cavalier F-51 Mustang on display at the TNI-AU Museum at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This aircraft carries the fake markings "F-338", the original code is belived to be "F-361", this being one of the last batch of Cavalier Mustangs delivered to Indonesia during the early 70's *). The real "F-338" was the aircraft involved in the shooting down of a CIA operated A-26 Invader on a clandestine mission during 1958. Another aircraft with fake markings "F-338" is on display on a pole in front of the Air Force HQ in Jakarta; the 'real' "F-338" is believed to have been destroyed during service.

*) after studying detail photographs, Randy Haskin, a Cavalier Mustangs expert, believes that this aircraft in fact isn't a 'true' Cavalier Mustang, but was upgraded in Indonesia by adding the tall tail unit and installing new, Cavalier-style cockpit controls. This adds to the mistery surrounding the true identity of this particular airframe.

Tremendous thanks go to my friend Marc Koelich from Indonesia, who kindly has approved the use of his photographs on this site.

"F-338" as it is on display today

Fuselage and port elevator detail

Port wing armament details

Port wheel well with landing light

Underwing stores, starboard wing. The rocket launchers are of Swiss design, but not identical to those installed in the Swiss Air Force Mustangs

Underwing stores, port wing. The purpose of the tanks is unclear yet

Detail of the Cavalier tail modification

Details of the fuselage markings - traces of the original code "F-361" are still visible

Unit insigna

Details of upper fuselage

Rocket launcher detail

Rocket launcher detail

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