In order to give modellers some detail views for a most accurate look of their work, I took some photographs showing a P-51D-25-NA airframe in practically stock configuration. The only external changes done in Switzerland were an additional air scoop in front of the windshield, the relocation of the coolant-vent, and the installation of Swiss designed rocket-launchers under the wings.

Therefore, the panel lines, access hatches and other outward appearance of this aircraft is as it came from the production line in 1945.

Most of P-51's that fly today as warbirds or racers have seen partial or complete rebuilds during their careers and therefore are questionable reference material for serious modellers of wartime P-51's !

The only surviving Swiss P-51D, currently displayed at the Swiss Air Force Museum in Dübendorf near Zurich is P-51D-25-NA 44-73349 / Swiss AF J-2113.

Modellers who intend to build a Swiss Air Force P-51D are invited to contact me for more detail shots and help regarding stencils, positioning of markings, etc.

General view of J-2113 on display.

Another general view. The badge in front of the serial is the squadron badge of FlSt 21 (Fliegerstaffel 21).

Front air intake.

Nose detail.

Right side engine cowlings. The opening visible near the wing-root is the relocated coolant-vent.

Right side engine cowlings.

Right wing leading edge and canopy. Note the air scoop in front of the windshield - a Swiss modification.

Right side view of canopy.

Right side view of center fuselage.

Right side center fuselage detail with plug for external power unit.

Right side view of center fuselage.

Right side view with detail of gun-bay cover on right wing.

Right side view center fuselage with radiator.

Right side view radiator ("doghouse") lower.

Right side rear fuselage.

Tail wheel detail.

Left side tail unit.

Right side elevator.

Right side elevator trim tab.

Left side view tail unit.

Left side elevator.

Left side fuselage 3/4 rear view.

Left side fuselage view.

Right wing with gun ports and bomb shackle.

Gun ports, bomb shackle and Swiss developed rocket launchers.

Swiss rocket launchers detail front.

Swiss rocket launchers detail rear.

Lower wing with Swiss rocket launchers; note pitot-tube.

Lower wing detail with Swiss roundel.

Detail of the coloured lights on the lower wing.

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