Below you will enjoy another set of close-ups showing another P-51D preserved in Europe. It is former Italian Air Force MM4323, a P-51D-25-NA that was delivered to Italy during November 1950. The longest serving Mustang of the Italian Air Force, it performed its last flight as late as 30th September 1964 (!).The aircraft is now on display at Vigna di Valle near Rome, Italy and is part of a great collection of mainly military aircraft, among them ultra-rare types.

For a long time it has been assumed that the US-serial of this aircraft was 44-73444, but new investigations have given proof that the true identity of this P-51D in fact is 44-73451 - also see the "Radio-Call"  plate in the cockpit shots below !

The 'walkaround' photographs below were kindly provided by and are © of Mike Shreeve:

Overall view, starboard front side

Overall view, port front side

Spinner detail, port side

Lower engine cowlings, port side

Lower engine cowlings, starboard side

Spinner details, starboard side

Wheel doors and radiator intake

Canopy, center fuselage and wing root, starboard side

Canopy, center fuselage and wing root, port side

Wheel well, radiator intake and landing light, port side

Wheel well and landing gear strut, starboard side

Gun ports, bomb shackle and landing gear starboard side - note that the inner two barrels are faired over.

Overhead view, port side

Engine cowlings and exhaust details, port side

Center fuselage and wing root details, incl. General's pennant

Canopy details - note unusual installation of DFF antenna !

Details of fuselage markings, port side

Port wing details

Rear fuselage, port side

Empennage, port side

The following cockpit detail photographs were kindly provided by and are © of Alessandro Taffetani:

Instrument panel overview - note additional radio controls where the K-14 gunsight usually was installed.

Details of instrument panel, starboard side

Details of instrument panel, port side

Details of instruments, plus oxygen regulator and canopy release handle

Cockpit port side, with trim wheels and carebuttor controls

Cockpit, starboard side, with oxygen hose and canopy crank handle

Center console with control column and fuel tank selector

Detail of DFF antenna installed behind pilot's seat

Another view of center console with fuel tank selector - note the aircraft callsign "BOSCA-11"

This photographs shows MM4323 while still in service - note the fuselage code at this time was "ZR-11", compared to the "RR-11" code it is now on display with.

A rare color shot of this aircraft, still coded "ZR-11".

An interesting photograph, showing MM4323 being prepared for display at the museum. This photograph was taken somewhen in the early 70's.

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