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Dispersal at Buochs during the early 50's (via R. Küng).

This page will soon give details on the service life of the 130 North American P-51 Mustang with the Swiss Air Force, the units equipped with this type and also on major modifications of Swiss origin applied to the aircraft. We will also provide information on accidents and specially equipped aircraft, such as reconaissance versions and two-seat conversions.


During their service with the Swiss Air Force, the Mustangs equipped five squadrons (Fliegerstaffeln in German, abbreviated FlSt):

FlSt 16

Pilots of FlSt 16 in Dübendorf, Summer 1952. The aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2048 (44-72322)

P-51D-25-NA J-2061 (44-72774) taxying at Dübendorf, during the International Airshow 24th & 25th September 1949. Note squadron badge of FlSt 16 below cockpit. Pilot was Oblt. Fritz Genner.

FlSt 18

Pilots of FlSt 18 in Sion, Summer 1956. The aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2076 (44-63176)

FlSt 19

Pilots of FlSt 19 at Meiringen, Spring 1952

FlSt 20

(no image available at present)

FlSt 21

Pilots of FlSt 21, early 1954. The aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2107 (44-63619). This ship is one of those converted to F-6D standard (reconnaissance version) in Switzerland - see pilot at far right leaning on the camera port. Also of interest is the FlSt 21 badge on the fuselage !

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