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P-51D-25-NA J-2113 (44-73349) at Buochs Airfield 1967....   ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​...and the same aircraft, J-2113, seen here displayed at the Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne, in August 1982, shortly before it was given as a permanent loan to the Swiss Air Force Museum, Dübendorf (photo: Fergal Goodman). Detailed photos of this aircraft can be found under "walkaround".



P-51D-20-NA J-2003 (44-72350) shortly after delivery to the Swiss Air Force. Note the early style markings - full red rudder with white cross and square insignias on wings.

left & below: Fl RS 1/49 Raron VS, Fall 1949 - This was the first course where newly recruited ground crew were instructed on the new P-51D Mustangs. Also note the fuselage band, applied for maneuvers during that year. J-2081 is P-51D-25-NA 44-72984 (Photos: Othmar Schwarzenberger)

P-51D-20-NA J-2012 (44-72304) Spring 1948 at Payerne Airfield. This aircraft shows the standard markings: roundels on tail-fin and wings. J-2013 at right (44-72461)

J-2088 (F-6K-10-NT 44-12232) leading J-2036 (P-51D-20-NA 44-72201) over Lake Thun (Thunersee) between of Leissigen and Krattigen, ca. 1950.

Mustangs on the ramp at Dübendorf Airfield 1949. Second aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2036 (44-72201).


Newly refurbished P-51D's at Buochs Airfield, Summer 1948.


P-51D-20-NA J-2068 (44-72283) on high-altitude patrol.


P-51D-20-NA J-2064 (44-63666) crossing the alps. The yellow fuselage band and spinner in same colour were short-lived war-game markings.


Mustang line-up at Dübendorf. Nearest aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2015  (44-72243). Note insignia-red noses and fuselage bands.


Fine close-up-study of a Mustang and its Hamilton-Standard HS 24D50-87 (cuffed) propeller.


Packard Merlin V-1650-7 engine-installation. This is P-51D-20-NA J-2002 (44-72374).


P-51D-20-NA J-2037 (44-72316) at Emmen, Summer 1953. This aircraft is equipped with a Hamilton Standard HS 24D50-105 propeller (uncuffed, 'paddle-blade' type).


Dübendorf, Summer 1949; nearest aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2002 (44-72374) with P-51D-20-NA J-2062 (44-63440) behind.


Mustangs on patrol over the Swiss mountains, Spring 1949. Nearest aircraft is P-51D-20-NA J-2018 (44-72301).


F-6K-10-NT J-2128 (44-12525), an original reconnaissance-conversion made at the Dallas-factory, seen here on a test-flight, Summer 1950. Note camera-port for oblique-mounted K-24 aerial camera (Alfred Muser).


Nice in-flight study of P-51D-25-NA J-2122 (44-73048) (Alfred Muser).


P-51D-20-NA J-2103 (44-63643) during warm-up at Buochs during Spring 1954. Note the Swiss developed rocket-launchers (Franz Kuster).


Cold weather operations at Buochs.


P-51D-20-NA J-2053 (44-72149) at Payerne, early 1954, with P-51D-20-NA J-2024 (44-72469) behind. Both aircraft have Hamilton Standard HS 24D50-105 paddle-blade propellers installed (Franz Kuster).

A pair of Swiss Air Force P-51D Mustangs assigned to FlSt 19 taking off from Buochs Airfield 1950.

Arming the guns of P-51D-20-NA J-2049 (44-72458). The small air-intake in front of the cockpit is a Swiss modification; it provided additional fresh air to the cockpit.

A Swiss Air Force pilot getting ready for a training mission. The aircraft is P-51D-25-NA J-2095 (44-73233), with P-51D-25-NA J-2119 (44-72789) in the background.

P-51D-20-NA J-2046 (44-63717) at Emmen Airfield, Summer 1949.

P-51D-25-NA J-2094 (44-73109) at Dübendorf, Summer 1957. This is one of nine aircraft that received camouflage in 1954. (Albert Violand)


Camouflaged Mustangs at Dübendorf, Fall 1954. Seen here is P-51D-20-NA J-2063 (44-64149) with P-51D-20-NA J-2043 (44-72504) next in line (Karl Sturzenegger)


Runways can be slippery when wet.... On 29th February 1952, J-2006, a P-51D-20-NA (44-72456), overshot the runway after landing at Dübendorf in heavy rain and subsequently bent itself and three parked cars.


Signs of time. A DeHavilland Dh-100 Vampire taxies past several Mustangs, Dübendorf, Summer 1954. The jet-age was about to render the piston-engined fighters obsolete.

The end. The entire Swiss Mustang-fleet withdrawn from use and stored in the open at Buochs Airfield awaiting scrapping, June 1958. Nearest aircraft is P-51D-5-NA J-2115 (44-13316), one of four two-seat conversions with the Swiss Air Force. Note the unusual canopy which allowed the two halves to slide separately for better access to the rear seat. (Albert Violand)

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