I wish to thank all friends, fellow historians, pilots, groundcrews, enthusiasts, photographers, warbird-owners and all other individuals somehow related to the P-51 Mustang for their valuable contributions over the last decade, for sharing memories, data, photographic material, for opening doors to new 'treasures', for all their support. Many friendships all over this planet have developed through the internet - I am lucky to have met some of you in person, some of you I hope to meet somewhen in the future !

One dear friend leads them all: Ted Damick from Michigan, USA. Ted, you have been there from the beginning and without your support over all these years, I would not have achieved this much. A very special THANK YOU and BLUE SKIES !

Also a heartfelt MERCI BEAUCOUP to my French friend and P-51 enthusiast Laurent Boulestin - he made my trip to La Ferté Alais and Le Bourget during May 2005 an unforgettable experience ! Laurent also is very knowledgeable in technical matters related to the P-51 Mustang and shared his outstanding collection with me.

The third person I wish to mention by name is my dear friend Doug MacPhail from Ontario, Canada - an aviation historian, book author and great guy. Specialized in the North American "Harvard" / "Texan" trainer aircraft family, he always is at hand with advise, expertise and humor. UN ABRAZO MUY FUERTE, AMIGO !

Thank you all for making this site possible ! I hope you enjoy it !

Curtis Fowles great P-51 Mustang site; the best there is ! Hundreds of photographs  from the past and today, plus a constantly updated inventory of all exisiting P-51's.

Peter Randall's most informative 'Little Friends' site with a treasure trove full of information and many photographs of fighter units and their planes from the 'Mighty Eight' (8th USAAF), including Scouting Forces, Fighter Training Groups, Emergency Rescue Squadron and a Photo Recon Group.

Great site on the P-51H with many photographs plus information on the Mustang Restoration Project at Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, where an ultra rare survivor of this version currently is under restoration.

Peter Kassak's ver informative website "Final Destination Slovakia" on 15th USAAF aircrew that ended up in Slovakia during World War 2.

A great site covering all aircraft in services with the RAAF and RNZAF - much valuable data and information, plus photos !

Philippe Osché's great site on the Bf-109's in Swiss Air Force service (French text).

Falcon's amazing site on the Messerschmitt Bf-109 - full of rare photos and data !

Laurent & Luc Vervoort's well done site on the 9th US Army Air Force over Europe during World War 2. A great effort to cover the operations of this tactical outfit. Most helpful is the available data on aircraft losses.

Russell Abbey's fantastic project on the 55th FG. Well done !

Ken Fish's informative site on the 'Eagles of Duxford'.

History of 'The Slybird Group' - 353rd Fighter Group by Graham Cross.

Jim Andersons great site on the 'Yoxford Boys' - the 357th Fighter Group from Leiston and his father, Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson.

Another great site on the 'Yoxford Boys' by Frank Aldridge.

Jason Webb's site on the 361st Fighter Group.

Syd Edwards' CD project on the 79th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group (ETO), flying P-38's and later P-51's - due November 2005 !

Great information on 'The Bluenosers' from Bodney, the 352nd Fighter Group.

Very interesting site with much information on Warbirds all over the world.

Very interesting site covering the restauration of a rare P-51C Mustang in honour of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Fighter Factory - a privately owned collection of Warbirds in airworthy condition or under restoration - and the new home of N51EA "Double Trouble Two" - long time Swiss resident P-51D.

A new site dealing with Warbirds in the Benelux countries, by Stieglitz 

created by Alex Joffe

The Israeli Air Force - The First Decade - Good photos & profiles of aircraft during the early years of the IDFAF.

Great site on Polish Squadrons with the RAF during WW 2.

French site with much information & photos on military aviation in France (by Dan Gilberti).

Franck Ruffino's well researched site about a Luftwaffe Ace and his journey through WW 2.

The Latin American Aviation Historical Society (LAAHS) - Great articles and very informative forum (English / Spanish).

more interesting aviation links:
Joe F. Baugher's great site on US Military Aircraft - Serials and Data !http://home.att.net/~jbaugher/
Dutch Aircraft Recovery Group 1940 - 1945http://www.arg1940-1945.nl/

Urs Harnisch's aircraft gallery - a MUST SEE !!!

Tom Cleaver's great site with air-to-air photographs of P-51's and other vintage airplanes.

A very talented artist and good friend - Wade Meyers - check his paintings - they are absolutely stunning !

This page is subject to constant update and changes. Please come back !

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I am proud to have been able to meet two 'Legends', i.e. General Charles E. 'Chuck' Yeager and Colonel Clarence E. 'Bud' Anderson at the Air Poche One Airshow in July 2003. Both were P-51 pilots with the 357th FG and achieved ace status, later they both were active as test-pilots - below is a photograph of this event:

From left to right: General Charles E. 'Chuck' Yeager, Colonel Clarence E. 'Bud' Anderson and author.

Thank you for your visit !

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44-72216 Miss Helen 

P-51D-20-NA 44-72216, an USAAF veteran of World War 2 and later used by the Swedish and then the Israeli Air Forces, now beautifully restored and again flying in its original wartime colours as 'Miss Helen', coded HO-M (bar) of the 352nd FG 487th FS, the famous 'Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney' (Urs Harnisch).

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